Corporate Services

Strategic Planning

Using our experience and a methodical step by step approach, we will help you chart a course to convert your Real Estate from a cost of doing business to a means to enhance profits and build assets for your company.

Workplace Strategies

We can help you implement your Strategic Plan to organize work processes, provide the most productive environment and enhance your bottom line.


In certain situations, some companies are eligible for incentives based on job creation and investment. The William B. Hare Company will match your profile against various states and localities, based on criteria from your Strategic Plan, and the incentives they offer. We can then negotiate the best incentive package on your behalf.

Market Analysis

We can provide market data on existing conditions in order to provide critical information to the decision process.

Site Selection

The William B. Hare Company is the premier Site Selection real estate company. We take the time to understand your decision criteria. Then we analyze the market, evaluating every alternative in order to identify the best site or sites. Once the best site has been determined, we use our negotiating expertise to help you acquire it for the best price and terms.

Space Acquisition

The right location, owned or leased, is critical for the success of any organization. We take the time to identify your space criteria. Only then do we identify and analyze the alternatives in the market. We help you determine the best location, then negotiate the best transaction. You win!

Property and Space Disposition

The disposition of unneeded lease or owned buildings is a critical activity for any organization. The right approach can turn a liability into an asset! It takes an understanding of the real estate, the real estate market for that area and that product type, the right strategy, and the ability to execute that strategy. We determine the best strategy for pricing, marketing and negotiating to dispose of leased or owned facilities no matter what product or location.

Due Diligence Management

Once a property is under contract to be acquired, The William B. Hare Company manages the process of inspection and evaluation of the building or site in order to determine that the property has no hidden defects or issues.

Lease vs. Own Analysis

It’s a fact, you are either buying a building or paying someone else’s mortgage. Even so, deciding whether to buy or lease is a complex decision. We look at the economics, your company’s needs, growth factors and the market to help you make the right decision.

Build To Suit

Often the right building may not be available in the right location. The William B. Hare Company will manage the build to suit process from building design to project management to construction to occupancy.