Investor Services

  • Portfolio Analysis
  • Acquisition and Disposition Analysis
  • Acquisition and Disposition Services
  • Lease Analysis
  • Sale/Lease Back
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Capital Stack

Portfolio Analysis

The William B. Hare Company can assist you in analyzing your real estate portfolio to help you maximize value, manage risk and diversify across and within product type, and by market.

Acquisition and Disposition Analysis

We will help you determine whether and when to dispose of assets, based on your investment objectives, market and real estate cycle timing.

Acquisition and Disposition Services

The William B. Hare Company will represent you in acquiring and disposing of commercial real estate assets.  We will work with you to determine the best acquisition profile, then find the best assets or assets.  On disposition, we can give your property maximum exposure, and represent you to negotiate the best transaction.

Lease Analysis

We can analyze one lease or a portfolio of leases.  We will identify economic factors, help you determine the impact on your balance sheet, and identify non-economic provisions that may affect your business.

Sale/Lease Back

Many businesses can benefit from a sale/leaseback transaction.  We can help you determine if this is a good way to monetize an asset, then execute on that transaction.

Capital Stack

We will help you analyze the deal structure of a potential transaction, or a property or properties in your portfolio in order to reduce costs and increase returns.