• Atlanta Airport Industrial Market Update

    The Atlanta industrial real estate market is stronger than it has been since 2006.  No where is this more apparent than in the Airport Submarket.  Rental rates have climbed to over $5.00 net in the past six months for small spaces (5,000 – 15,000).  Space of 75,000 and above is commanding rates in excess of $4.00.  I know one landlord who seems to think nothing of letting his tenants sweat through one long hot summer with no HVAC in their office!  He must think that with below market rents, his tenants will just have to grin and bare it.

    This is why companies need a tenant representative who knows the market and uses that knowledge for his or her clients.  We have been in the tenant representation business since before it was cool.  Nothing is more satisfying than helping a client acquire space or a site that helps them achieve their goals.